What is Miyagi Olle?


Miyagi Olle Trail, a Healing Journey

The Miyagi Olle Trail started in October 2018, with the Kesennuma/ Karakuwa Trail Course along the majestic Pacific Coast and the Oku-Matsushima Trail Course which passes by Matsushima, famous throughout Japan for its beauty.

Matsushima, its picturesque bay dotted with islands large and small, is the start of the journey to Miyagi Prefecture, a region rich with natural beauty. In the west is a range of mountains stretching from Mt. Zao to Mt. Funagata to Mt. Kurikoma. In the center, rice fields stretch out as far as the eye can see, with a beauty that changes from season to season, and is ideal for experiencing traditional culture. The coastal area was badly damaged by tsunami caused by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, but the coastal and mountain trails are being restored to their former beauty.
Disaster became the opportunity which sparked the creation of the Miyagi Olle Trail, and with assistance from the Jeju Olle Foundation, the Miyagi Olle Trail was created as a sister trail to those in Jeju (Korea), Kyushu and Mongolia.
Miyagi Olle Trail has diverse routes, ranging from trails which travel by the endless stretch of the Pacific Ocean, to the natural richness of forested trails, to country roads with opportunities to meet local residents. While there are similarities to the Jeju Olle and Kyushu Olle, Miyagi has its own unique features. Olle trails are characterized by people coexisting with nature, and this is firmly embedded in Miyagi Olle as well.

What is Miyagi Olle?


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