Tips to Enjoy the Miyagi Olle Trails

Tips to Enjoy the Miyagi Olle Trails

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    Hiking Tips

    ●When passing close to residential properties, do not enter private property and trespass.
    ●Ask for permission when photographing local residents or private property.
    ●Greet people you meet along the way with a smile.

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    Olle Trail Etiquette

    ●Don’t take ribbons as souvenirs or the next person may lose their way.
    ●Please do not touch the markers( Kanse horses, ribbons, arrows).
    ●Take all trash home with you.
    ●Do not pick any plants growing by the road. Appreciate flowers and trees with your eyes.
    ●Do not frighten or tease any wild or domestic animals you encounter.

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    Safety Tips

    ●Follow the Miyagi Olle Markers(Kanse horses, ribbons, arrows) and stay on the trail.
    ●Refrain from any dangerous activities in steep areas outside the trail.
    ●Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor hiking.
    ●When walking on roads,watch out for cars.
    ●Do not hike during typhoons, heavy rain, heavy snow or other inclement weather.

    * The Miyagi Olle Trail course is self-guided tour. You are responsible for your own safety both on and off the course.
    We highly recommend getting traveler’s insurance In case of an emergency or accident.

Miyage Olle Mark

The symbol of Miyagi Olle is a color representative of Japanese culture, the color of the torii gates of shrines. Just like the original Jeju Olle, the Kanse horses, arrows and ribbons will show you the way.